Critical Issues

Darlene on the Issues

Miller’s top priorities are creating jobs by growing our economy, balancing the federal budget, and fighting radical Islamic terrorism by destroying ISIS.

Jobs and Economy

Obamacare, taxes, over-regulation and deficit spending are crushing our country and killing the jobs the middle class needs. America’s economy is bogged down and big government is one of the main reasons why.

Small businesses create most jobs. Unfortunately, small business startups currently are at an all-time low rate, which bogs down our economy for generations to come.

We need to change the regulatory environment to encourage people to take the risk to start a company. New companies create new jobs, which leads to more opportunities and higher salaries for everyone.

We need to change the regulatory environment so small businesses, particularly manufacturing companies, can grow. That means we must cut through the bureaucratic miles of red tape that currently exists while maintaining the rules that ensure safety and public health.

Manufacturing jobs are what built the middle class. They are good paying careers and our economy is not healthy without them.
We need to reform the tax code to make it easy, simple, clean, and fair.

We need to stop the federal government from picking winners and losers and ensure an even playing field for all. Too many decisions are driven by what lawyers, accountants, and bureaucrats recommend because of the tax code.

That is how you get government disasters like Solyndra. Solar panels are a good thing. However the government should not give taxpayer dollars to a company that is economically questionable just because it feels good or that they have lobbyists and political connections.

With the global economy being more integrated than ever, free trade is vital to job creation by expanding opportunities and markets for American-made products. We must also demand a fair and level playing field from other nations and hold them accountable. Free trade is not about making multi-national companies more profitable for Wall Street, it must be about expanding the job base on Main Street in America.

Small businesses, innovation and American workers are the strengths that drive our economy. It is time to get government out of their way.

Tax Reform

Darlene opposes raising taxes. Americans already are shouldered with heavy burdens. Washington should not pile on with more. It is too hard for so many middle class families to make ends meet.

We need tax reform that simplifies the system so Americans aren’t forced to spend billions of dollars each year paying accountants to ensure they follow the rules. The current tax system tilts the playing field to the powerful. It punishes middle class families and small businesses who cannot afford to pay accountants to find loopholes or lobbyists to create the loopholes.

National Security

When America is strong and resolute, the world is a safer place. Eight years of President Obama’s rudderless foreign policy of leading from behind has made the world a more dangerous place. The enemies of civilization are emboldened and many of our allies no longer trust us.

We must be honest about the threats we face. America is at war with radical Islamic terrorists. We are threatened by ISIS. The large majority of the world’s Muslims are not radical. We cannot ignore the motivations of those who seek to destroy us.

While the President drives foreign policy, Congress has Constitution responsibilities that must not be abdicated.

First and foremost, we must ensure our troops get the support and funding they need to keep us safe and defend freedom. Our military has been stretched too thin. We owe it to our men and women in uniform to ensure the U.S. has the greatest military in the world.

Congress and the President should fulfill their Constitutional obligation to vote on an Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) in Iraq and Syria against ISIS. We must have a coherent foreign policy and an authorization would affirm to the men and women who are already in harm’s way that we are all fully behind them.

The President did not make the world a safer place with his deal with Iran. It asks us to trust Iran and we should not. Iran is getting more than $100 billion that Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted will be used in part to fund terrorism.


Darlene is pro-life. A mother of two and grandmother of five, Darlene values the miracle of life. She will be a powerful voice for the unborn in Congress and firmly opposes the use of any taxpayer funds to pay for abortions.

Second Ammendment

Darlene strongly supports our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms and opposes restricting the Constitutional protections of law-abiding citizens. She is also a gun owner herself.


Darlene opposes amnesty. Priority number one for fixing our broken immigration system must be securing the border. Without a secure border, any agreements made to address the status of illegal immigrants already in our country will likely serve to encourage more people to enter illegally and the problem will get worse.

The government needs to do a much better job at enforcing the laws we have. President Obama’s attempt at executive amnesty was an unconstitutional attempt to blatantly ignore the law and go around Congress—that is a path that must be rejected.


The freedom and way of life we enjoy as Americans is possible because of the courage and sacrifice of our nation’s veterans. These brave men and women volunteered to defend us with their lives. Our government has a sacred duty to care for those who serve, yet too often fails to keep our promises to veterans.

The Veterans Administration wait list scandal is a disgrace. Darlene believes the people responsible should be fired and prosecuted where appropriate.

One reason the VA seems disconnected from its mission is it is a giant bureaucracy overwhelmingly staffed with career government bureaucrats instead of veterans. Who better to run the VA than those who best understand veterans’ issues and care the most?

Congress recently took steps to improve the VA, but the bureaucracy is slow in responding and leadership has been missing with this issue.

We need to improve the quality of veteran services across the board, including more access to health care and better services.

Mental health services need to be much better. We must continue to expand access to private care for all our veterans.

Our veterans kept their promises, the federal government must do the same.

Retirement Security

Darlene strongly believes that Social Security and Medicare must be protected and financially sustainable. Seniors worked for their benefits, paid for them and planned their retirements based on the promise of those benefits. The federal government should keep its promise made to them.

Social Security and Medicare should not be used as piggy banks to pay for politicians’ pet political agendas. The decades-long raiding of Social Security by Washington politicians has greatly weakened the system and threatens our economy. Obama’s raiding of Medicare to pay for Obamacare was wrong.

The best way to secure the future of these critical programs is to get our economy growing at a faster rate. More jobs and better wages will be a major step toward stabilizing these programs and protecting them for current and future generations.

Mental Healthcare

Darlene feels mental health is an important area where we must put solutions in place that will make a difference and save lives.

We have to seriously review mental health laws and funding for mental health programs to ensure those needing medical assistance receive it. We have far too many Americans who suffer from mental illness who are homeless or in prison and unfortunately it becomes a revolving door. We also need to treat the drug addicted so they can beat their addictions rather than rotate in and out of the system. The families of those suffering need a support system in order to help their loved ones.

The time has passed that we can continue to ignore the people challenged with mental illness or drug addiction. We must give these people an opportunity to succeed.

Government Spending

Our national debt has skyrocketed to more than $19 trillion. Runaway government spending is not only dragging down our economy today, it is threatening to suffocate our economy for generations to come.

Darlene is a fiscal conservative. As a business owner, she has always had to balance the budget. Businesses and families make tough decisions and spend within their means. Darlene thinks the federal government should do the same.

Washington can’t continue to spend what it doesn’t have. For far too long, Washington politicians have lived as if the rules do not apply to them. We know where this path leads—to failed economies like Greece. We cannot allow this to happen to America.

Congress needs to stop passing a giant omnibus budget and get down to the hard work of going through the budget in detail to start redlining spending that does not strengthen America.

Darlene supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.